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Facebook Cookies (Facebook  Pixel)
A cookie is a little text file that is sent to the hard disc of your computer by a website or the service provider of that website when you browse the web using your browser. Cookies give websites or service providers the ability to identify the browser you’re using and so store and retrieve certain information from it.

Cookies allow us to identify the data about the traffic and interaction on our site, which allows us to customize the information that you see on our Website and provide you with a more enjoyable experience overall while using our site. We may enter into contracts with other service providers so that they may help us get a deeper knowledge of the people who visit our website.

You are providing us and the third parties with which we work the permission to install, store, and access any or all of the cookies specified below on your computer by consenting to accept our usage of cookies and giving us your permission to do so.

Because these cookies are saved on a user’s device in between browser sessions, it is possible to remember the user’s preferences or activities taken throughout a site. Cookies that are stored on a user’s computer after they close their browser may be used for a number of reasons, including keeping track of the user’s selections and preferences when navigating a website and delivering advertising that is specifically tailored to the user.

Cookies might also be used for the following:
Keeping track of the sections of our website that you have already explored

Adapting the content of our website to better suit your interests and preferences

The analytics of our website

Reselling our goods and services to customers like you

Keeping track of all of your preferences, settings, and login information

Personalized and specific advertisements, tailored to your preferences and needs.

If the gathering of information via the use of cookies makes you uneasy, we suggest removing this option in the settings menu of your browser.

Amendments to the Private Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated at any moment, but any changes will be posted here. Any and all modifications to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to our users by publishing them on our website, in a blog post, via email, or by any other means that we deem appropriate. The Effective Date will be updated at the top of the Privacy Policy page on the site to reflect the changes.

Please give the updated version a good look through. If you do not agree with the terms of the Privacy Policy, you are not permitted to continue using the Site or the Services.

How to get in touch with us

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